Visitors must obtain visa approval prior to entry. A tourist visa for Vietnam can be obtained from any Vietnam Embassy or consulate office worldwide. Visas are valid for 30 days and can be extended through our head office in Vietnam.

Vietnam exempts entry visa for Asean Citizens (Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, The Philippines, Cambdodia, Myanmar, Indonesia), Scandinavian citizens as well as Japanese, South Korean tourists.

1. Apply for a Visa at an Embassy


Passport valid for 6 months beginning first day of travel

- Visa application form.
- 2-3 of 4*6 inch photo
- Visa fee: in a range of 50 - 85US$ if applied directly to Embassy or 25-45 US$ if your visa has been pre-approved. This fee depends on Embassy and type of visa you have required.

The visa application form may vary from embassy to embassy, so you need to take the form from the embassy where you will get the visa. Submit this form filled with your original passport, 2 or 3 photos, and visa fee. If you apply directly to the embassy, your information is then sent to Hanoi for approval, so it takes about 4 to 10 days (depending on the country from which you apply).

2. Pre Approved Visa

To save your time and money we can help you to arrange approval visas at reduced cost for visitors who book one of our tours.

The procedure is as follows:

Passport details, arrival and departure dates are faxed to our company no later than 14 days before passengers' departure to Vietnam.
- We submits details to the Immigration Department.
- The Immigration Department notifies our company of visa approval and sends a fax/telex approval to the embassy or consulate in the country of the visitors' residence.
- We send a fax copy of the approval to the agent or individual concerned.
- When your visa is ready at the Vietnam Embassy, we inform you and you must go to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to pick up the visa and pay visa fees.

3. Visitors can obtain Visa on Arrival. EASY and RECOMMENDED under Luxury Travel's care.

Visitors can obtain a visa upon arrival in Vietnam. We can apply for you to get a visa upon arrival at Tan Son Nhat Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, at Danang airport or Noi Bai international airport, Hanoi. The visa is done by us. An urgent visa upon arrival (3 working days before arrival) at 75 US$ and a normal 50 US$ both need 2 passport sized photos.

Please provide the following information so we can apply for your visa.

1. Full name on passport
2. Gender
3. Passport number
3. Date of expiry
4. Date of birth
5. Nationality
6. Date of arrival
7. Flight number and time
8. Fax number where we can fax you or your email address forward to you.

If we receive the above information, we will process the visa within 3 working days. Upon receiving the pre-approved visa, we send it to you right away. Kindly print it out and show it when needed.

Upon arrival at Vietnam's airport, expect a simple form to fill in. Kindly prepare 2 pictures, 25 USD for stamp fees per person and 15 minutes waiting time.

Be advised that we process visa on arrival for our in house guests only. Do not contact us if you only want visa service. It is not our business.

Tourist visas

The tourist visa is only for single entry and one month stay, but extendable after you enter Vietnam. Diplomatic, official visas, business and other types of visas should be applied through the official agencies or government or business sponsor.

Business visas

Very convenient as they allow you to stay from 3 to 6 months, with multiple entry options (A lot of expats like to visit nearby countries such as Thailand or Cambodia for long week ends). If you are here as an investor, then you can ask for extended visas.

Important Notes: If you enter and exit Vietnam for more than one times, you must process a multi entry visa: For exemple, you visit Vietnam then you travel to Cambodia and back to Vietnam for few days, you must have a multi entry visa beforehand.

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